Enrol a Little

To get your child involved in one of our programs:

Step 1

Call our office, submit the online Inquiry Form, or e-mail us to initiate the enrollment process for your child.

Step 2

If we have a suitable program for you and your family, you will be invited to attend an orientation session. You'll complete an Application Package and any necessary release forms and mail them back to us.

Step 3

Once we have received your completed Application Package, letters will be sent to any professionals that have worked with your child and/or family within the last two years (i.e. School Teacher, Doctor, Social Worker, Counselor, etc.), in order to obtain feedback which will help us further understand your child’s individual strengths and needs.

Step 4

Once all the information has been gathered, you’ll be contacted to arrange a personal home visit along with an informative Child Safety Awareness training.

Step 5

We then work with you to find the right program and adult volunteer that will be a great match for your child(ren).

The length of time this process will take depends a lot on your co-operation. It is always helpful to let your child’s teacher know we will be contacting him/her, as well as any other professionals that we will be contacting. This will help secure a speedy response, as it is necessary we receive their feedback.

For more information about obtaining services for your child,
contact us at 705-526-5051 or send us an email.


How Can I Volunteer- What is Needed ? 

Not sure if you can make the commitment...

. Take a look at our current programs and volunteer hours and see what you can. Let's Start Something together for the youth of North Simcoe

Traditional 1:1

3-4 hours a week

Big Bunch Group

- for youth waiting for a match- 2-3 hours per month

In School Mentoring

- a 1:1 opportunity that fits your schedule for the duration of the school year.   1 hour per week


It's easier than you think

If you would like to explore these opportunities, contact the office.